Pictured at a Community Power CVPP Sub Partners meeting in January are Sarah Ward, Bill Kelly, Sarah Fogarty, Derry O Donnell, Gregg Allen, Michael Quilligan, John Power, Kate Ruddock, Pat O Donoghue, John Fogarty and Liam Lynch

Do you know where your electricity comes from? Who is producing the electricity that powers your lights, TV, fridge etc.? This is something that most of us don’t even think about. However it’s something that Tipperary based Community Power want to change. You can now choose to buy your power from local community owned electricity generators. 

Community Power is Ireland’s first community owned electricity supplierBased in Nenagh, Community Power is Ireland’s first community owned electricity supplier. It is a partnership of community energy organisations around Ireland working to create a sustainable energy future for their local areas.  The communities are working on saving energy, retrofits, microgeneration and developing plans for renewable energy generation. The group grew out of Templederry, which is Ireland’s first and only community owned wind farm. It is a partnership of community energy groups from Tipperary, Limerick, Galway, Mayo and Dublin and is now working to support more renewable energy projects across Ireland, and will buy electricity from small suppliers. 

During the Summer, Community Power won the Citizens’ Award at the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020 for their Interreg funded Community-based Virtual Power Plant Project (cVPP). What is a Community-based Virtual Power Plant? Basically, it’s about putting communities in charge of their local renewable energy generation. The project is looking to empower small-scale local renewable energy producers and revolutionise the way electricity systems work. This community generation project takes into account the interests of community-based renewable energy producers, or ‘prosumers’, like a small group of village-owned wind turbines or rooftop solar panels. Tipperary based partners in the project are Tipperary Energy Agency and Tipperary Co. Council along with Sub Partners Energy Communities Tipperary Co-operative. 

Energy Communities Tipperary Co-operative is a citizen and community led home insulation upgrade and retrofitting organisation which provides a One Stop Shop for homeowners by leverage funding from the SEAI and taking the hassle out of getting grant aid, sourcing contractors and overseeing projects on behalf of homeowners in member communities. They are now recruiting homeowners and new member communities who wish to avail of retrofit grants for home insulation and energy upgrades through their community led scheme. More details on their website energycommunitiestipp.ie.


Community Power wants Ireland to run on clean renewable power, developed for people, owned by people. They recognize Ireland’s energy system is in crisis, with over 85% reliance on climate polluting fossil fuels and they are working to change that. Community Power wants the many benefits of generating renewable power to be shared by the people and communities of Ireland, and they want people to be able to afford to power their homes.


Everyone can join this new energy revolution in two ways!

  1. Become a solar park shareholder! Two 100% community owned solar farms, which Community Power have been supporting, were successful in the recent RESS Auction. Community Power are now seeking expressions of interest from people who want to own a share in community led solar parks. The formal share offer will come out in 2021, but they want to offer you the opportunity to hear about it first, by registering your interest now via the website.  


  1. Switch to Community Power! Buy your electricity from community owned renewable generation projects, and support this growing community every time you make a cup of tea! The rates are great, there are no gimmicks or hidden charges! And better yet, if you are already stuck in a contract Community Power will refund any contract break fee up to €50.

Anyone can switch electricity supplier online via the website communitypower.ie. Profits from Community Power will be used to develop more community owned renewable energy.  To find out more visit communitypower.ie or phone 067-56005

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