After leaving that fine institution that is St. Josephs College in Borrisoleigh, I went to college in Cork where I sat in a class where other people studied accountancy. Went to Chicago on J1. Finished college. Moved to Mullingar, worked as a trainee accountant and learned how to scuba dive.

I lost my balance, left accountancy, moved to Paris, worked in the Meridien Montparnasse for a month , then got a job through a friend with an international law firm. Moved to Nice for the summer, worked in a restaurant, quit that, then took photos of tourists in the market place at night while washing car windscreens at traffic lights for an hour each day. Moved home, leased pub from parents, went travelling again. To Greece, to France, home again, various jobs, travelled some more, did more stuff in different places, moved to Oz for a year, worked/managed pub for 4 years, left that, went to Western Australia, picked water melons and worked in lobster factory. Back to Sydney, pub job again. 5 years in Oz home again.

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