Last week I sought to register a new business name with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland to launch a new magazine, a sister magazine if you like to an existing one.

Today I received a letter from the CRO stating that I would have to resubmit the forms because “It appears that the business is located at your residential address. Given the nature of your business it would seem more appropriate that your business would be better located at a commercial premises

Extract from CRO letter
Extract from CRO letter

What the hell gives the CRO the right to tell me where the most suitable place to run my business is?

Do they even know what it entails to run my business?

I have run my business from an old kitchen table at the foot of my bed.

I have run my business from cafes with free wifi.

I have run my business from another country for God’s sake.

Why the hell should it matter where I run a business from so long as I at least try?

Why does some bureaucratic bullshit delay me in my attempts to start something new, maybe even create employment (heavens forbid) while someone with a clipboard offers me unasked for advice on where best to run a business from?

I despair, I fucking despair

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