I only learned about the Tuesday Push recently and even though I’m only blogging a short while and don’t have a huge number of visitors I don’t think my push will do much. But hey, it’s better to get out and push than sit in the car!

Walter from Sxoop Technologies has created a nice little thingy called Twitter Mosaic. You can compile a mosaic of all your Twitter followers or friends using the app. It’s easy to use, simply input your username and the rest is done for you. You can decide to use the images of those you follow or those who follow you.

You can then put the mosaic on a T-Shirt, a mug, a bag, a business card or on your website or blog, just like my fantastic mosaic below:

Get your twitter mosaic here.

Whats a Tuesday Push?

The Tuesday Push is a co-ordinated effort to put a spotlight on new or existing apps or services in Ireland every second Tuesday.

If you have an original or particularlay interesting app or service you can submit your details here to be ‘pushed’ in an upcoming Tuesday Push.

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