This post is being inspired by mcawilliams from twitter. Who has set up a blog for his daughter and in the course of conversation I remembered that through dial2do you could set up a voice activated or post to your Word Press blog from your mobile phone. And I just thought it might be-

Powered by Dial2Do. Mp3

Update to post:-

(Before I get to that don’t forget to vote for mcawilliams in the Shorty Awards in you haven’t already done so. Voting is drawing to a close and he deserves it.)

I had to edit some things as the spellings were a little out and the website link wasn’t right (although I threw in a word myself that shouldn’t have been there). Also, the links were put in place afterwards. I have left it pretty much unchanged though as you can hear from the audio, and it might be of help to anyone trying it out for themselves.

Some things to note from first attempt:-

You have a limited time to speak, so think before you talk!

The title to the post is the first couple of words spoken.

I would have spoken more eloquently had I known the audio would also be posted!

Dial2Do is a free service that allows you to send texts, emails, set reminders, post to Twitter and of course to your WordPress Blog using your phone. Correction, you will have to pay the price of dialling your host country’s no.

You can also post to Twitter using Twitterphone and if you have Twitter streaming on your blog I guess you are kind of updating it that way. Anybody with other ideas please let me know.

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  1. I hit play on this, but I’d forgotten that I was also waiting for a youtube video to load. Then I wondered why you were playing piano music on your blog. =D
    This is a pretty cool post!!

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