With too much time on my hands and the creative juices flowing from a week of party nights, I composed a little ditty. I have no notion of typing out all the versus, so this is the last verse which encompasses all the previous ones. I hope you enjoy.

The Twelve Tweets of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas,

A blogger tweeted me,

Twelve twitterers tweeting

Eleven steaks a piping

Ten books for keeping

Nine videos enhancing

Eight wines for drinking

Seven phones a ringing

Six routers relaying

Five podcast things

Four flying turds

Three great tunes

Two wedding doves

And a fluffy link from Mulley dot i e

I tried to have it rhyme with the original version and used a bit of poetic license, while at the same time limit it to Irish blogs/sites who are on Twitter. Better rhyming lines most welcome along with the relevant site.

Happy Christmas one and all!

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