I was driving on the motorway recently at about 1 or 2am. As you can imagine it was quiet deserted and relaxing to drive on. To keep myself alert and awake I decided to write a song. Or should I say write new words for an existing song. I had used the same song many years ago while living in Paris and rewrote it for a party piece. Anyhow, this time around it’s based around social media in Ireland. I’ve mentioned names and websites that just fit into the lyrics or rhyme or just popped into my head at the time. So don’t feel left out if you’re not included but you can buy me a pint if you are 🙂

To give you a reminder of the air of the song play the video below

How’s it goin’ there everybody,
From LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter tonight.
Here I am in my old armchair
Is there anyone else online out there?
There’s my profile and my avatar
My last blog post didn’t get too far,
MySpace Bebo, it’s all uphill,
Years gone by, I’m learnin’ still.
Tweets and tweople everywhere.
If it’s Twitter you want,
You should go to Claire.


Oh, Socialmeeja
Social, social, social, socialmeeja

Everybody needs a break,
Go talk shop or cook a steak.
Open coffee in lots of places,
You’ll always see familiar faces.
Others go to de-stress in France,
Visit Bizcamp if you get the chance.
Some people just love uploading,
Others could spend all day coding.
Blog awards come round each year,
I’ll win some time if I persevere.
Some jet off to ….. California
But I always go to Socialmeeja


I always tweet on a Thursday night,
With me beer and me laptop screen upright.
I like to hit Facebook,
In around Friday afternoon.
This gives me time to get my thoughts together,
I don’t want to update about the weather.
Stumble upon or Digg it out,
You’d never know what it’s all about!
There’s a Dutchman who likes LinkedIn,
And a Peter that does landscaping.
And there’s Tommy, Bernie and Pat Fitzgerald,
Twittering photos all over the World.
Foley, Hookie and Rick O’Shea
On the radio every day.


The multitudes, they flocked in throngs
Sharing videos and songs.
Facebook pages, get some fans.
With prizes, raffles, whatever you can.
Mighty craic, grumpy bollix,
Marketeers and followerolics.
Udoo, Igo and Krishna De,
Free API and the fail whale.
Connector nights and Twestivals,
I don’t seem to have any ‘normal’ pals.
Tweetups, Twineups, they’re here to stay
Britney put that thing away!
There’s YouTube, Podcasts, Loud reviews
Qik, Twitpic all citizen news.
Who’s following me, who’s following them.
This is heaven, social media hell
Who cares? Who can tell?
(Anyone for the 1000th follower now?)


What happened then it made me frown,
A Denial of Service meant the site was down.
Mafia wars I will not play,
Don’t invite me now, please stay away.


And then I just got tired and decided it was time to stop. So if you feel like finishing the song or adding lines, whatever, be my guest.

This video caught my eye while getting the other one and I had to put it in. What with Arthurs Day and all that. You know yourself

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4 Replies

  1. lmao!

    I can’t believe this has only got one comment! It’s brilliant!

    Thanks to Catherine (@ChiaIreland) for telling me about it or I’d have missed it completely!

    When are you booking the recording studio? This just has to be sung! 🙂

  2. That has got to be one of the best and funny blog posts I’ve read so far…. I have a belly-ache from mirth….

    You are a man of so many talents, but I didn’t realise until now that ‘song-writing’ was one of them….

    Great post Derry, I can’t believe I’m only reading it now….

    Catherine 🙂

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