Earlier today George Hook went to Twitter to help source an item for the show regarding the use of Twitter in Primary Schools. As always the good folk on Twitter came to the rescue. As a result Evert Bopp and Josie Fraser are due on the show at 5.45pm. Of course then I heard George mention about the show being streamed and one thing led to another, so I have embeded the video stream into my blog (hopefully). Leave a comment about the show or whatever else you like and I’ll try to moderate them as soon as I can, if I can. It’ll be like my live blogging video streaming twittering experiment.

Update – Ok maybe I should have figured out how to embed the video beforehand. But I have learned a few things from my efforts.

– You can broadcast video for free online via Ustream.tv

– You can do live video using your phone with the mobile application

– I need to learn a few more things about wordpress

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  1. Thanks Kieran, I tried all sorts of ways trying to embed the video stream, all to no avail. I’ll keep trying different ways and also study WordPress a bit more to see what else I can do. All tips from one and all are always welcome.

  2. Hi Derry, you commented on my blog a while back about the live sports commentry opportunities that twitter offers. I wonder is this getting closer. Chelsea just launched their own twitter account.

  3. Thanks for visiting Kevin. So far the closest to live sports tweeting I’ve seen is the hashtag # being used. But it’s not really live commentary as such, more a synopsis of the highlights. There’s possibly a number of business opportunities there to set up a Twitter account for one particular match for instance. Now you’ve got me thinking about it, I’m going to have to go off and do a post about it 🙂

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