In order to write this post I have had to dig deep and battle my addiction.

Even as I type I feel the urge, the burning desire, the draw, the attraction, the pull of what I must avoid until I finish this. Surely one little Tweet wouldn’t do any harm.

But I know as soon as I open the door into Twitterland, that will be it. I will go off reading tweets, writing tweets, opening links, reading blog posts and thinking to myself ‘I should post something new’. It’s a kind of a guilt thing, tinged with the desire to do what I actually really like doing. Writing.

Deep down I know that it’s only a matter of getting into the habit of writing on a regular basis and disciplining myself to do so.

Anyhow, I’m waffling now, what I intended to do, was write a little post on some of the ‘finds’ I’ve had over the last few days. I use the word ‘finds’ to describe stuff that has typically been tweeted about or linked to from another blog or site.

As I make my living from publishing magazines, I was delighted recently to discover (via Le Craic who designed a book about The 2008 Blog Awards winners). is a site that allows you to upload various types of publications for onscreen viewing. No having to download pdfs or software to view a publication. You can see my latest magazine issues here and here

Last night I was preparing my first ever powerpoint presentation, so I had a little bit of learning to do. I happened to Tweet what I was up to and Darragh sent me a link to It’s a really cool tool for doing presentations. I have nothing to show you using that, as I was getting to grips with powerpoint and didn’t want to have to learn something else new at the same time.

Many people reading this will possibly already be aware of the aforementioned, but some will not. For anyone who thinks that ‘that’s last year’s news’ bear in mind that there will always be someone new coming along eager to learn and never assume that they probably already know about such and such a tool or website. This is more a note to myself as I am ready to admit that I am very often guilty of apologising to someone by saying ‘I thought you knew about that’.

Ok, enough, I’m off to Twitterland.

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  1. Issuu is one of my favourite sites for finding new and interesting publications. Great to see more Irish publications going on there too like yours and also Nos Mag are there as well. Must actually do a list up and publish the links.

  2. Hi Derry,

    Thanks for that – it’s always useful when someone takes stock and takes the time to share their favourites, wondering if anyone else knows them yet. Didn’t know either of these sites – had discovered, which sounds similar – so will check them out.

    While I have the mic, so to speak, anyone know a good online graph maker, one which will take cut-and-paste of large chunks of data from a spreadsheet/csv?

  3. Le Craic, I look forward to your link list

    Ronan I’d say twitterland could help with your request. (Make sure to leave room in character field to Retweet)

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