Thanks for visiting, as you may have figured out I’m known as Derry O Donnell and yes, I’m fantastic (You can decide that for yourself, I just like the way it shows up in Google when I vainly search for my name :))

I am the editor at Tipp, which features news, entertainment, sports and events from Tipperary and surrounding district. You can join us on Twitter here and on Facebook

I am the editor at Life and which contains informative articles on fitness, health, weight loss, nutrition, wellness, sport and travel. .You can join us on Twitter here and also on Facebook

I am also co-founder of wedding planning website It initially started as a site to provide ideas for people planning to propose marriage but has since expanded to include all wedding related articles and businesses.

It’s not all work either though. Weekends can find me scuba diving with this lot I even set up a Facebook page for Irish Divers, although I’m not very active with it (and you don’t have to be Irish to join :))

I am married with 6 kids. Life is good.

Oh yeah if you want to join me for a chat on Twitter I’m @derryo




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  1. Hi Derry,

    I’ve been aware of the Tipp tatler for a long time now … I often wondered who published it, it’s a pretty handy little mag. with seriously good distribution coverage.

    In fact the best Ad. I’ve ever seen appeared in a copy about 6 – 8 months ago, for drain services: “We don’t talk s***e, we clear it!” I have to admit that one had me in hysterics!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Derry, I’m assuming that you are Michael and Noreen’s son from Borris. I’ve come accress your blog accidentally as I was checking on the Tipp Team for the match against Limerick. What a lovely surprise. Are everybody still alive there? as one wouldn’t know from all the silence. You certainly seem to be . Keep shaking the flag and making a rattle as it’s the noisy hinge which gets the oil. Hopefully I’ll see you soon .Please pass my fondest regards to all my relations. Bye for now —God Bless. Uncle Jimmy.14/8/09

    1. Well hello uncle Jimmy! All well and alive here. Funny how things go, you finding the site here. You’ll have to pop up and visit next time you’re home or let us know when you’re back and we’ll pop down. Great to hear from you. All the best for now. Derry

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